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1. Scope of application

The terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the purchase of products (“Product”) online at https://www.houseshake.com,.dk and .de (“houseshake.com”). The company HouseShake, Skådehøjgårdsvej 54, 8270 Højbjerg, CVR 43109855 (“houseshake”) is behind houseshake.com. The Customer is the private individual and business customer (“Customer”) who chooses to purchase a product on houseshake.com in accordance with the Terms.

2. Conditions for purchase

2.1. In accordance with Section 8, subsection of the Consumer Contracts Act. 1, no. 3, the Customer will find ongoing prices and content for the Offers available at any time on houseshake.com.

2.2. All purchases are ordered and paid online by credit card. When purchasing Products on houseshake.com, the Customer consents to HouseShake automatically deducting the agreed payment. Payment is made immediately when purchasing on houseshake.com. HouseShake cooperates with the payment provider Stripe. All prices include VAT and are stated in DKK.

2.3. HouseShake has the right to change the Conditions, including prices of Products, as well as other conditions with 14 days' notice. If, in that scenario, the Customer does not wish to continue his/her created membership on houseshake.com, the Customer has the option to terminate his membership as described below in section 6.

3. News and offers

When purchasing on houseshake.com, the Customer consents to HouseShake sending news and offers on Products on houseshake.com via e-mail. HouseShake does not pass on or sell the Customer's information to third parties. The customer can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by sending an email to info@houseshake.com , or directly in forwarded emails.

4. Sold out products

HouseShake endeavors to update houseshake.com in line with the inventory. However, if an ordered product is sold out, HouseShake will contact the Customer and inform about the first possible delivery or offer an alternative which is already in stock at HouseShake.

5. Delivery

5.1. When the Customer has made a purchase on houseshake.com, the Customer automatically receives an order confirmation by e-mail.

5.2. HouseShake sends ordered Products within 1-3 working days. During holidays and public holidays, a longer delivery time is expected.

5.3. HouseShake uses different freight suppliers to ship Products to the Customers. HouseShake cannot be held responsible for delays caused by a freight supplier, including Post Danmark.

6. Right of withdrawal

6.1. The customer's right of withdrawal applies to the purchase of Products on houseshake.com.

6.2. From the time the Customer has received a Product purchased on houseshake.com, the Customer has 14 days to inform HouseShake that the Customer wishes to cancel the purchase. When the Customer has informed HouseShake that the Customer wishes to cancel a purchase, the Customer has 14 days from that day to return the purchased Product to HouseShake.

6.3. The customer must, before the expiry of the withdrawal period, give his unequivocal declaration to HouseShake by email info@houseshake.com . The Customer must clearly state in his e-mail to HouseShake that the Customer wishes to exercise his right of cancellation for a purchase made on houseshake.com. In his e-mail to HouseShake, the Customer must state the dates when the Product was ordered and received, attach a copy of the Customer's order confirmation, and provide the Customer's contact details, including name, address and telephone number. When HouseShake has received an e-mail from the Customer with the above information, HouseShake will refund the amount of the Product to the Customer. The customer is liable for deterioration of a Product. It is up to HouseShake to make an assessment of a decrease in value of a Product Used by the Customer. HouseShake has the right to withhold the depreciation in the refund to the Customer.

6.4. The following must be met for reimbursement to take place:

- The customer must make use of the time limits of the right of withdrawal.

- The Customer must prove that the Customer has sent an express message to HouseShake that the Customer will regret the purchase within the time limit.

- Products must not have been in significant contact with perfume or cream which may leave a scent or marks on the Products.

- The customer must prove that the item has been returned to HouseShake.

- The customer must pay for the return shipment.

6.5. The customer can also make use of the customer's right of withdrawal via paper. However, the Customer's physical signature on paper is required if the right of withdrawal is used in paper form. Right of withdrawal, which is asserted in paper form, must be sent to the HouseShake address found on houseshake.com.

7. Disclaimer

7.1. The customer's purchase of Products and use of houseshake.com is at the customer's own risk. HouseShake cannot therefore be held responsible for losses that are directly or indirectly believed to be caused by the purchase of Products or the Customer's use of houseshake.com.

7.2. Specifically, HouseShake is not responsible for direct or indirect losses as a result of operational disruptions or other types of losses related to the Customer's purchase of Products on houseshake.com.

7.3. In any event, the Customer's compensation claim against HouseShake cannot exceed the total amount that the Customer has paid HouseShake for a Product to which the compensation claim relates.

7.4 For the products that are handmade, there may be variations. HouseShake cannot be held responsible for this variation.

8. Processing of customer data

8.1. HouseShake processes all personal data in accordance with the Danish legislation on personal data protection, which is based on EU regulations.

8.2. HouseShake uses cookies and records information in houseshake.com's log statistics, such as IP address and which pages the Customer visits on houseshake.com. The customer also uses cookies to manage the contents of your shopping cart. This is done in order to develop HouseShake Products and houseshake.com, including to optimize the user experience for customers. A cookie is a text file that is sent to the user's browser from a web server and stored on the computer's hard drive. The customer can choose to delete or disable cookies at any time.

8.3. All data is stored and processed on servers either at HouseShake itself or at a hosting provider chosen by HouseShake that works within the framework of the Terms and Conditions. Personal information or other customer information will not be transferred to parties other than HouseShake itself or the chosen hosting partner.

8.4. Data is only available to persons employed under the auspices of HouseShake. There will always be a risk associated with passing on personal information digitally, which is why all uploading of information from the Customer to houseshake.com is done at your own risk.

8.5. The customer can contact HouseShake at any time and gain insight into stored personal data and ask to have it deleted or corrected.

9. User Generated Content

9.1. The customer grants HouseShake full and irrevocable right to use and transform the customer's content, including images, text and logo, internally on houseshake.com as well as externally in HouseShake marketing. HouseShake has the right to sell its business including content published by the Customer, while HouseShake has no right to transfer, including sell or license, the Customer's content separately.

9.2. It is not permitted to provide telephone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses of persons other than the Customer himself. It is not permitted to distribute any kind of information that can be perceived as pornographic, discriminatory, offensive or otherwise illegal in relation to applicable law. The Customer may only upload photos to which the Customer has the rights.

9.3. If the Customer acts in violation of the Terms, HouseShake has the right to modify, change or delete information or content that the Customer has uploaded to the Customer's profile on houseshake.com or shared. This includes the right to delete the Customer's profile.

10. Conflicts

10.1. Danish law applies to the Terms.

10.2. Conflicts arising from the customer relationship between HouseShake and the Customer must be settled at the Court in Aarhus in the first instance.

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