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Small wooden cooking spatula

Small wooden cooking spatula

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Luxurious wooden spatula made of ash wood. Due to the pre-curved neck, the spatula has an extra comfortable grip. The smaller size of this spatula really feels like an extension of your hand and is ideal for baking smaller dishes such as pancakes, eggs, mushrooms etc. Also available for left-handed people! Each individual spatula is made by hand by a small family business.

Product details:

  • Comfortable pre-curved handle.
  • Large and thin work surface.
  • Perfect size for preparing small dishes - Feels like cooking with your hands!
  • Heat Insulating - Compared to metal, a wooden spatula does not heat up to scalding temperatures like metal does, preventing you from burning your hands.
  • It is also perfect if your dish is sensitive to sudden temperature changes, as in the case of making candy, when a temperature change can crystallize the sugar.
  • Soft and flexible - Won't damage pots and pans Non-toxic - Wood doesn't react chemically with acidic foods or melt chemicals or weird flavors into hot foods like plastic does.
  • Completely plastic-free and aesthetically pleasing

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