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Mini Jute cleaning glove

Mini Jute cleaning glove

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Looking for a substitute for a green mushroom? Our reusable and eco-friendly Jute Mini Jute cleaning glove is an ideal alternative to plastic sponges. You can use it for dishes, glasses, oven trays, blenders and stoves and other hard-to-reach surfaces or as a practical soap saver. The glove easily removes dirt while protecting your fingers and nails. A jute scrubber is a real must-have in a zero-waste, non-toxic home. This glove is hand-knitted from plant-based jute fibers. Jute is durable, has natural antibacterial properties and can be washed at high temperatures, making it possible to use it for up to 2 years! When you're ready to discard your glove, you can compost it in the garden or feed it to your indoor plants!

Product details:

  • Made from 100% natural, plant-based material and therefore completely non-toxic!
  • Environmentally friendly, waste-free and plastic-free.
  • Jute scrubbers are versatile and practical, they can be used for several purposes such as washing dishes, personal hygiene or dry massage.
  • Jute is durable and hard-wearing - with proper care your scrubber will last a long time.
  • Can be easily repaired and washed.
  • Rough enough – the jute texture easily removes stubborn dirt without leaving scratches.
  • Compostable – when you're done with your scrub, cut it into small pieces and feed it to your plants!
  • The jute decomposes well in the soil and enriches the soil with organic matter.
  • Handmade – our scouring sponges, mitts are handmade.
  • With your purchase, you support small businesses and independent craftsmen.

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