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Loofah Sponge Dish Sponges - Pack of 7 | recyclable and vegan

Loofah Sponge Dish Sponges - Pack of 7 | recyclable and vegan

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PLASTIC-FREE ALTERNATIVE: The reusable kitchen sponges made of loofah and cotton are your plastic-free alternative to conventional household sponges made of plastic material. The 7 sponges come in two different sizes to perfectly clean every corner.

VERSATILE AND EFFECTIVE: The cleaning sponges can be used universally, as they do not leave any scratches due to their gentle nature, but clean effectively and cleanly with the structured surface. They are foamy and perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, home and garden.

NATURAL AND VEGAN: The universal sponges are made from 100% natural materials, which makes them fully biodegradable. The dishwashing sponges are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way without glue, plastic, solvents or materials of animal origin.

PRACTICAL AND DURABLE: They can be easily dried with the useful hanging loop. Wash the dishwashing sponges after you have used them several times - this means they are clean again and can be used much longer than conventional, smelly plastic sponges.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PACKAGING: The sustainable kitchen sponges come to you in a natural box. They are well protected and you can easily throw the packaging in the return paper.

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At HouseShake, we think about the environment first. We therefore send all our packages in recyclable and degradable material that does not harm our earth. In Aarhus, as the first city, you can choose free CO2-free delivery. Should we send a package, it costs DKK 29 throughout DK.

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Sustainable packaging

At HouseShake, we think about the environment first and we therefore always use sustainable packaging when we send a package. We cooperate with with no-issue environmentally friendly packaging. noissue was founded to give producers, brands and companies of all sizes access to sustainable packaging.

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